Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello Cincinnati!

Welcome to the Queen City Sport Report, your source for the hottest topics in the Cincinnati sports market. To best start this blog, I feel it necessary for an introduction as to why Cincy sports news needs this voice. 

I grew up in West Harrison, Ind., a short 25-minute drive from the heart of downtown Cincinnati. I have suffered through the championship drought that has plagued the town since the early nineties, but am happy to say I have remained loyal and am ready to reap the benefits. The Reds, who I follow very closely, are seven games up in the National League Central and aren’t slowing down. The Bengals are actually showing some promise with young players like quarterback Andy Dalton and wide receiver A.J. Green. Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati both made it to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA basketball tournament last season, and tensions that exploded in the annual Crosstown Shootout make them both interesting schools to follow. Even Cincinnati high school sports are a hotbed for national recruiting, especially in football.

As I pointed out with the Cincinnati-Xavier brawl, the city is not without sports controversy. Xavier just expelled their best basketball player on charges of violating the student code of conduct (rumors of rape have circulated among students on the campus). The Bengals have had chronic issues with their players and the law, while Aroldis Chapman had his own spat of drama earlier this year with some speeding ticket trouble and an exotic dancer. Needless to say, there is always something big going on in the Queen City.

After an internship at ESPN, I realize the bias of the national media. I understand that the Red Sox and Yankees are both located near the ESPN headquarters and have a large market demand, but to show mediocre Red Sox “highlights” night after night when the Reds are dominating the NL Central with exciting players like Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto is kind of ridiculous. I see the need for an expert in the area who is able to promote the teams of the small market city, and I feel I am just the expert for the job. 

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  1. Great job. I totally agree with you. I think that all teams should hold their players to a higher standard. Look back at the pacers when they had issues with players behavior, It was all anyone talked about when mentioning the Pacers.