Sunday, November 4, 2012


Coach Lewis,

This week, you took the time to tell the world that,

“We're looking for our quarterback and our middle linebacker to take hold of our football team. I think both guys are such good people, that you got to be a little bit of a dick.”


Today, the Bengals got beat by a team that is led, not by a d***, but by a hard-working, philanthropic quarterback.

You have the benefit of having a truly nice guy, and a fairly good young quarterback in his second season, in Andy Dalton, and you ask him to be a d***?

What kind of coach asks this of his players, his leaders on the team? What kind of example are you trying to set, not only among your own ranks, but among the youth and high school football leagues of Cincinnati?

I am appalled.

Today, Peyton Manning took care of business, and he did so with class.

I suggest you learn from his composure.

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