Saturday, October 6, 2012

Numbers never lie

The Reds and Giants take the field in less than an hour for Game 1 of the National League Division Series. Cincinnati and San Francisco both have dominant pitching staffs, but this one will likely decided on who plays the best small-ball (AT&T is the ranked as the second most pitcher-friendly park by ESPN). To prepare you, we turn to the numbers:

Reds 97-65 vs. 94-68 Giants

2012 regular season head-to-head
Reds 4 vs. 3 Giants

Last meeting on July 1
Reds 3 vs. 4 Giants 

Games decided by one run between CIN and SF
Reds 64 vs. 50 Giants

Opening Day payroll
Reds $76,181,365 vs. $118,216,333 Giants

Batting average
Reds .251 vs. .269 Giants

On-base percentage
Reds .315 vs. .327 Giants

Slugging percentage
Reds .411 vs. .397 Giants

Home runs
Reds 172 vs. 103 Giants

Reds 30 vs. 57 Giants

Stolen bases
Reds 87 vs. 118 Giants

Reds 89 vs. 116 Giants

Team ERA
Reds .334 vs. .368 Giants

Reds 12 vs. 14 Giants

Hits leader
Brandon Phillips 163 vs. 190 Marco Scutaro

Doubles leader
Joey Votto 44 vs. 39 Buster Posey 

Triples leader
Todd Frazier 6 vs. 15 Angel Pagan 

Home runs leader 
Jay Bruce 34 vs. 24 Hunter Pence

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