Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Too good to be true...so far

At risk of jinxing tonight's game, I'm going to say it: the Reds have been the most dominant team thus far in the 2012 postseason.

As if a 9-0 win over the Giants on Sunday night doesn't prove it, look at the offensive and defensive numbers of the club. The Reds have the highest batting average thus far of any postseason team left (.297, Atlanta recorded a .308 in their wild-card loss) and a 1.00 earned run average.

Let me repeat that: a 1.00 E....R....A.

In the opinion of many critics, the national media has done a poor job of recognizing the talented rotation and bullpen in the Queen City all year (3.34 regular season ERA, third best in entire MLB). The Reds did all they could to be noticed over the weekend, though, even overcoming unthinkable circumstances to get a decisive win.

With Johnny Cueto's back injury just eight pitches into Saturday's game, the hopes and dreams of a Red October deflated from me like air from a balloon. What was to come, however, reinstated that confidence, and pushed the level of belief higher than ever before. Sam LeCure produced when called upon, and Mat Latos showed once again why the offseason trade with the Padres was one of the best moves of the Walt Jocketty era.

Bronson Arroyo, without his red hooded sweatshirt, took the mound in a fly-ball park, his specialty, and dazzled the national viewing audience. Arroyo went seven strong innings with one hit, one walk, and no runs scored.

Matthew Carroll may have summed it up best in his tweet:

Watching bronson arroyo pitch when he is on is like watching the worlds best wiffle ball pitcher 

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